Our Mission

To connect local businesses to local people here in Cleveland.

Our Vision

We create awareness of the local business community, support community development and keep Cleveland unique and thriving.

Value Statement

We will create public awareness of the local business community by letting consumers know where to find and shop at our local businesses. We will support community development, and programs that create unique experiences in Cleveland.

We create consumer driven events and outings to solidify our message to shop locally.  We work with our business members to create an environment that makes doing business in Cleveland easy, by hosting networking events, workshops and member only outings that will allow members to work together to grow and thrive.

How It Works

The Keep It Local Project is a local organization dedicated to connecting locally owned and operated businesses to you the customer! At Keep It Local we believe that you, the customer, are the driving force in developing this great city into the next era. We all know Clevelanders are a unique brand of people who love this city through and through.  Our goal is to connect the unique people of this city to the unique businesses that drive our economy.

Our founder was born and raised in Cleveland. He is a small business owner and was looking to grow his other business. After exploration, he realized that advertising for the business was not only a tedious task but an expensive one. The story was born from there. While enjoying a cup of coffee outside of a local coffee shop our founder noticed an extreme volume of people visiting the large chain. He decided to investigate. He spoke with many of the patrons at the large chained coffee shop and the responses were pretty much the same. They did not know the local shop was there, or they were afraid to try something different. After inviting a few of the patrons over to the local shop and buying them a cup of coffee, our founder decided this “problem” needed to be “fixed.” The next day The Keep It Local Project was born. It took months of interviews of both businesses and consumers to find out what it was exactly they wanted. In February of 2014, we had a “soft launch” of our online Local Marketplace.

After feedback, we designed the site you see today.

Our mission is simple, we connect local people to local businesses. We do this by telling you where to find them and give you a little incentive to find them. We also believe in having fun, so throughout the year, we will be hosting events. We connect local people with local businesses. Local business and local people create local culture, this is what makes communities unique. Cleveland is unique and it is our job to keep it that way.