Gourmet Firehouse Salsa

Back in the late 80’s when I first started out as a fireman, I used to bring in food from home and cook it at the firehouse. The guys would always ask for a taste. It then progressed to “do you think you could make that here to share?” As time went on the whole platoon would join in on dinner. After our morning role call we would gather in the kitchen to see what was going to be on the menu for that nights’ dinner. The guys would help out as much as they could, adding to the feast. We always tried to have a healthy well-balanced dinner. The amount of food they ate was another story! With various types of meals that we made, there was always a bottle of hot sauce or salsa on the table. They jokingly would say that the hot sauce was used to kill the taste of my meal! At least I hope it was joking. One day Capt. Berry came in with a basket of habaneros. He had a nice size garden at home and offered these peppers to us. That’s when I started with hot salsa recipes. As I made batches of salsa, the guys would let me know how to improve on it. After many attempts, a mango habanero salsa emerged. As the years went on it grew in popularity. Friends and family were now requesting jars of it. Soon after I retired, I decided to try and market the Firehouse salsa. Keeping with the tradition of eating healthy, there are no additives or fillers. It’s all natural fruits, peppers and spices. Gluten free.

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