River Dog Cafe

Local chef owned and operated, River Dog Cafe is a family friendly Food Truck. We specialize in gourmet hotdogs with unique toppings such as brisket, house made mac n cheese, and crispy BBQ pork belly. But we are so much more than hotdogs; try our crispy duck BLT, grilled salmon, many vegetarian options, wraps, or homemade soup. And the list goes on. We use only the best ingredients including pasture raised non-gmo eggs, local produce, Gerber chicken and our hot dogs are 100% Angus beef, grass fed and uncured meaning there are no chemical nitrates added. Enjoy your meal with a frosty mug of our draft root beer or infused lemonade made from only three ingredients; lemons, 100% pure cane sugar, and water. Our coffee is fair trade and organic and we boast a pretty awesome kids menu. Our goal was to create a place that kids would love to eat at and so would their parents. Everything is made to order so it may not always be super fast, but we promise it will be super good.