Spotlight: The Cute Little Cake Shop

We’re talking all about the new vegan options inside of The Cute Little Cake Shop with co-owner Janet Yurcik this week in the spotlight! 

How did your vegan market get started?

We’ve had vegan baked good items on The Cute Little Cake Shop menu for a few years, but they really started increasing in popularity in the last year or so. We added a vegan/allergen free sweet shop section in the Fall of 2016, which our customers loved. In spring of 2017, we saw a need for a gourmet vegan specialty market in the area, something that carried unique and hard to find vegan products, as well as small vegan companies and brands. We started our AVE MKT vegan specialty market inside of the bakery in April of 2017,  and now we have over half of the bakery filled with vegan products!

How long have you been in business?

The Cute Little Cake Shop has been in business since February 2011, with our retail store opening in December of 2011.  Our vegan specialty market, under the name AVE MKT, started in April of 2017.

What do you like most about your job?

Since I am vegan myself, I love being able to test our new vegan brands and offer them to our customers. We get so many new vegans or even just those that are curious in vegan products or just looking to eat less of them. Not only that, but so many people, even if they are not vegan, just can’t or don’t eat dairy. It’s been great to be able to show all of our customers how many great vegan products are out there, as well as how delicious they taste! We also love helping some smaller vegan brands get their products out there to customers that are not in their immediate geographic area. We work directly with many of the owners, and they put so much love and pride in their work, which makes us feel great about offering it to our customers.

What do you like best about working in Cleveland?

People are very supportive of small businesses in general. For the vegan market, the vegan community has been so supportive and they really share in our excitement for what we are doing and the products we are bringing in. They are just wonderful about sharing our store with friends, family, and co-workers.

What makes The Cute Little Cake Shop unique?

It’s the only market in the state where you know that everything is vegan. You don’t have to check your phone or even read the label and wonder if it’s vegan. We do that part for you, and only offer products that are vegan. We carry several brands in our market that nobody else carries in the entire state. Most of the products also happen to be all natural, organic and non-GMO. Our personal care items are a newer section in the market, and those items are also cruelty-free.

What does keep it local mean to you and your business?

We do pop ups with local vegan businesses, and we are working on more partnerships with vegan restaurants and catering companies to bring some of their delicious vegan items to the area. We also carry several local vegan brands already in our market, like Metro Croissants and Red Lotus vegan spreads! We have lots of ideas planned for the future of the market!

How did you come up with your business name?

Our AVE MKT name is pronounced “avenue market”. We took the abbreviation for both of those words for the name. “AVE” also stands for “All.Vegan.Everything”

Are you offering any special services right now?

We do offer many vegan specials on the weekends, as well as vegan baked goods on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Available flavor options are located on our weekly menu on our website.

Are there any details about your company that you want everyone to know about?

We are really passionate about our vegan market, and we welcome everyone to explore, vegan or not!  We are lifelong Clevelanders and we are just super excited and grateful for the support we’ve received so far in this new addition to the bakery.

We are currently working with several local companies to bring their items in as pop ups or meal specials. We are always adding new products, and we have SO much more that we are working on bringing in.  Following us on Facebook or Instagram are the best ways to find out about new products, product & delivery updates, as well as any events. We have lots of plans for growth, so stay tuned for all of the new things we’ll have going on!