Spotlight: Fitness Evolution

Join us as we talk with Adrienne Smith about her fitness studio and how she is helping Clevelanders become better versions of themselves with corrective exercise. 

What do you like most about your job?

Seeing people feel and look the way that they couldn’t in the past. Also healing somebody’s gut & watching not just the weight loss there, but also the back pain that they had because of it or some of the auto immune diseases that they had because of it or the inflammation in their body because they were malnutrition or something else all go away.

Just seeing people change and be what they didn’t realize they could be.

What do you like best about working in Cleveland?

The versatility. And the variety of companies.

I mean you have the Cleveland Clinic here so you have a lot of athletes that are in this area. But then you also have people that are looking for functional medicine you know people are looking for holistic health that the clinic does offer but doesn’t talk about.

They don’t integrate it together and at Fitness Evolution we integrate medical with the holistic.

What makes Fitness Evolution unique?

The fact that we are so holistic! We bring physical therapy, strength training, nutrition, supplementation, testing the body in different ways- we bring it all together in one place. It’s repair, prevent, and lifestyle change.

It’s a long term plan that we give people it’s not like just come see me for a few weeks and lose some weight.

It’s getting to the root of the problem and changing people’s lives literally from the inside out.

What does keep it local mean to you and your business?

It’s a community of small businesses and everybody networking and coming together. When I say networking I mean really making connections and making a big web. You know it’s like a big net or web of support of us little people that are trying to be this big organization and there’s this big change. We have the desire to do but not necessarily the means to do so it’s a partnership.

How did you come up with your business name?

That was an accident. We had an idea of evolution and we were tossing around other names. We didn’t like “revolution, ” but we liked the idea of evolving, so we stuck with Fitness Evolution.

Are you offering any special services right now?

Well, as far as body work goes, we have Dry Needling with Todd. We also have Cyrex Lab testing for the food allergies. We also have the organics acid test which is telling us a lot about our clients that you know we may not necessarily get from the hormone testing that we’ve had for a while. And then, of course, our supplements! We just keep finding more and more ways of healing people with all the supplements that we have.