Spotlight: Solstice Roasters

We sat down with Lee Ann Werner at Solstice Roasters for a behind the scenes look at this local coffee roaster and tea distributor! Check out the spotlight here.

What is your first memory of Solstice Roasters?

When we first started we were Restaurant Tea Services.  One of my first memories was unloading a semi full of Iced Tea boxes by hand in my driveway in Collinwood and storing in my garage.

How does that compare to what the company has become today?

We are still unloading by hand sometimes but now it is into our warehouse on St Clair.

What has surprised you most about being a business owner?

I learn something new every day.  Running a small company you just don’t know what you don’t know until you have to know it!

Who are some of the coolest people you’ve met since opening?

One of best parts of the job has been drinking coffee with some of the best chefs in Cleveland.  We have been blessed to partner with the Jonathon Bennett’s, Bryant Evans, Matt Fish and Karen Smalls in the restaurant scene.  We also are sipping coffee infused beer with Market Garden Brewery & Royal Docks (Canal Fulton).  But by far the coolest people that we meet every day are the people from Cleveland.  Our business spans Ohio and into Pennsylvania & Kentucky.  But Cleveland folks are the coolest!

What might we be surprised to learn about Solstice Roasters?

We have a deep desire for NEO sustainability.  Our partnerships are all about growing together.  It’s been so fun watching Cleveland grow and change.  We want to continue to be a part of that growth and help others to grow as well.

How do you think Solstice Roasters will change within the next 5 years?

Retail presence.  We are actively developing a retail presence and looking forward to serving coffee to the masses!

Getting better at our craft.  Over time we have evolved our purchasing practices and we cup our coffee every day to make sure we stay competitive in the industry.

What has been your main goal with Solstice Roasters?

 I have always believed that above all we are a Service company.  We roast and deliver amazing coffee but I pride myself in servicing all of the customers that buy our coffee better than any other coffee company out there.  A typical day in the service industry isn’t very typical and those are the customers we serve.  But the one thing that is typical is we do a coffee tasting every day.  We are constantly drinking the coffee we roast (I know, occupational hazard!) to make sure it to the standards our customers, and their customers, expect.

What has been the most satisfying thing about opening Solstice Roasters?

Being creative.  Striving to make a difference in our community as well as in the coffee community and taking my shoes off in the office any time I want.