The Ondrejech Law Firm, LLC

The Ondrejech Law Firm, LLC (O-Lawfirm if you can’t say Ondrejech) is a business, real estate, non-compete and civil litigation law firm based in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.  The firm strives to provide its clients with high-quality legal services in a valuable, affordable manner using new school billing methods and cutting-edge technology.  O-lawfirm watches out for its clients by working, every day, to live up to its “VER”  values (“Ver” is spanish for “to see” or “to watch”).   O-Lawfirm’s “Ver” values are Value, Effectiveness, and Responsiveness.  The firm’s overarching goal (in every matter) and mentality is summarized by our motto: “If you have legal issues, we’ll find solutions.  Let’s Get to Work.”

(440) 271-1737