Whiskey & Lace Boutique

Whiskey & Lace is home to a select handful (for now) of Ohio-grown makers and artisans. Each resident maker has a niche product that flows with our style. Many of us have a gypsy soul with a strong creative power and need for positive connections to others much like us.

Our shop has a very clean, bohemian, rustic feel that instantly gives you a feeling of being “at home”. Also a part of our passion is finding beauty in things most wouldn’t, so many products come from recycled or repurposed materials. This ultimately helps our Earth by reducing waste. Many of our products also come from a “natural” state or contain only natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals or additives. With all of this combined, our goal is to bring these small local businesses, doing big things, to those who appreciate the need for supporting small businesses and preserving our natural resources. In a world full of consuming we aim to conserve and connect.

Owned and operated by Robert and Mandi Sponseller of Navarre, Ohio. Robert is a retired US Navy Veteran and with a construction background and Mandi is the mother of 3 and artist with a love for all things wood as well. They work side by side and with each thing they do, creating a story to go along with it.

(330) 754-5492